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Discuss your bespoke menu requirements and book your event with us.

We source and provide the food and ingredients.

We prepare and cook your delicious food for you and your guests!

Relax and enjoy your event and we’ll take care of everything!

We clean up after, so that every aspect is taken care of.

Discover the luxury of a private chef hire

private chef LondonSade Food Lab offers services such as private chef hire, which enables you to book our private chef and cook for you in your home or at a private event. Our private chef hire service lifts the burden of the cooking process and provides more time for you to focus your energy on something more important while your meal is cooked to your desired preference and incomparable taste of quality. Our private chef hire has been regarded as a unique experience that exceeds expectations every single time. At Sade Food Lab, our customer’s satisfaction is at the centre of our business, and we will go above and beyond to attain and satisfy your gratification. Each and every ingredient has been manually selected to ensure fresh and newly harvested ingredients. Food quality is salient to maintaining our sought-after and incredible-tasting meals; therefore, we only purchase our ingredients at trusted and reputable stores. Sade Food Lab takes the extra step and comes together with you to produce a bespoke menu, which is curated from your desires, to give the whole event a more personalised feel. No request is too big at Sade Food Lab, and we are more than happy to accommodate any needs you might have.

Our team consists of friendly staff who exude elegance and class to promote an even more spectacular ambiance. They will be available to assist in case of any issues. They are there to support and are great conversationalists if needed! Our private chef hire service has been continuously growing more popular due to the standard we have set at Sade Food Lab, and we aim to increase it with every booking. So why don’t you relieve yourself of these mundane tasks, take a step back, and enjoy the comfort of your surroundings while our private chef takes care of your meal and ensures your night will be filled with delicious high-quality food and serenity. We truly believe we are able to create an exclusive experience that will be hard to forget.

Our private chefs are ready to be booked. If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. For a chance to experience a delightful night of dining with our private chef, book now!

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